About Us

ClubBarter was created to be the leading global online payment and trading community. ClubBarter has an easy to use interface that offers a unique payment solution including a marketplace to trade goods and services as well as travel bookings.

ClubBarter supports digital Cash and Barter payments online and with mobile apps. Barter Trade Exchanges have been around for more than 20 years and have not changed the way they operate. In a rapidly developing market they have lost touch with their members and the current needs they have.

Today people expect more from a Barter Exchange. Members need a digital wallet that’s connected with Social Media platforms. ClubBarter exceeds the needs and expectations of its members today and has a dedicated development team to maintain its position as the global market leader.

By having a fully automated online solution that’s FREE to join, we can provide a total payment and trading solution for everyone with fees that are far below our competitors and with tremendous scope to rapidly expand globally. ClubBarter is not just a solution to assist members save cash by bartering but also to make Digital Cash payments instantly person to person.

Launched in February 2017 in Thailand ClubBarter rapidly expanded to become the largest Barter trade and digital wallet service in the Country. Our Digital Barter Currency is how members exchange goods and services without the need for cash. At times people may be low on available cash in their pocket but they often have something of value. The goods and services we all have are of value and Barter allows us to trade them without the need for cash.