Payment and Fee Policy

Payment for goods and services whether transacted between members, Marketplace, travel or third party suppliers must be paid for in full before goods or services are provided unless high value items in such cases, a specific arrangement between the parties may be agreed but all transactions must be made through Club Barter, whether these are in cash or Club Barter virtual currency.

Payment Terms and Conditions

1) Club Barter Australia will provide the following two payment options:

a) A monthly invoice will be issued containing all charges of business transaction fees and/or membership fees

b) Once off transaction fees for payment within 24-48 hours

2) All invoicing will be issued electronically via email and will also be available for manual download from the Club Barter Australia Membership Portal.

3) During your membership you agree to pay all invoices by the Due Date or as directed on once off transactions.

4) Payment terms are strictly fourteen (14) days from the date that the invoice was issued (the "Due Date"); unless otherwise stated on your issued invoice due date.

5) If payment has not been received by the Due Date, you agree that you shall be charged an additional administration fee of Fifteen dollars ($15.00) per month;

6) Should payment of your invoice fall behind, your access to membership portal and services will be temporarily suspended until payments are brought up to date.

7) Should you have a concern or dispute involving your invoice you must lodge a support request with customer service to assist to have this resolved.